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Want to do it all?  Here’s your tour.  This adventure has mountain biking, scenic trekking, swimming and kayaking, optional elephant and zip-line riding, and the seasonal Tad Se waterfall.

On day 1 we’ll mount our bikes right here in the city to start what will be a four to five hour ride coursing north paralleling the Mekong river through weaving and paper-making villages.  Turn east and we’ll start going through hills and mountains past numerous villages until our final destination of a beautiful Khmu village for our homestay.  The biking is intermediate with some hills mostly toward the end of the day just before arriving at your homestay village.

On day two we’ll wake, enjoy breakfast prepared by your guide, and set off hiking through a canyon in big jungle to a Hmong village on the banks of a small lake where we’ll break for lunch.  Refreshed, we continue trekking up and down beautiful terrain in an area that remains green and scenic year-round and has some of the best views of any of our tours.  The trekking is intermediate (difficult if slippery from rain in the rainy season) and takes about 5-6.5 hours depending on conditions.  We homestay at a traditional Khmu village nestled up in the mountains.

On day three wake to another fine breakfast before grabbing your gear, saying your farewells, and beginning an hour and a half descent off the mountains to the banks of the Nam Khan River.  We meet our truck with the kayaks, drop your backpacks off and prepare yourself for kayaking.  The kayaking is approximately 2.5 to 3 hours and can range from very calm and easy during the dry season to having medium rapids during the wet.  You will get a good upper body work-out.  We stop at the Tad Se waterfall (dry usually March to May) where we’ll eat lunch and everyone can choose between optional elephant and zip-line riding and swim in the river or waterfall.


  • Day 1: 8:30 a.m. meeting, introduction to group and guides, deposit your luggage in our care while on the tour, and briefing on the tour and biking equipment before departure.  On this biking tour we will transport your bags to the village by truck so that you are free to bike carrying only your camera and water without your backpack weighing you down.
  • Bike from within the city out across the old communist bridge and through popular weaving and paper-making villages where we can stop for a look around.  Continue riding north through villages along the Mekong river before turning east through more rugged terrain on a dirt road past village after village of the Khmu and Hmong ethnic groups.
  • Biking for the day totals about 35 kilometers part on paved and then on unfinished road usually taking about 4-5 hours.  The level is intermediate to slightly difficult depending on weather and road conditions.  We arrive at our first homestay at about 3 or 4:00 in the afternoon with plenty of time to explore, enjoy dinner prepared by your guide, take photos, and relax for the night under the stars in a Lao village for the night.
  • Day 2: Wake for breakfast about 7:30 or 8:00 then slip on your walking shoes.  We first pass through a canyon on our way to a Hmong village situated adjacent to a lake.  We’ll take lunch here and your guides will stoke your curiosity of the local peole with stories about the lives and traditions of the Hmong hill-tribes in Laos.  Break from lunch and continue trekking up and down through stunning jungle and farmland.  This area has on one side a great mountain for a background to your hiking and, on the other side, great panoramic views as the terrain slopes down and away from you toward Luang Prabang.
  • Arrive at the second village about 3:00 p.m. and make yourself comfortable for your second night with the hill-tribe villages of Laos.  At this point you’ve spent a good deal of time with your guides and have seen many different things in numerous villages with plenty of time to take in it all.  Feel free to loosen up and enjoy a drink with the locals, or lay back around a fire and probe deeper parts of the culture with your guide.
  • Day 3: Wake for breakfast about 7:00. Say your farewells to your new friends in the village and start about and hour descent off the mountain down to the banks of the Nam Khan river.  Cross by small boat to meet our truck waiting with the kayaks and fresh food and supplies.  You may leave your bag on the truck, change into something for swimming, and leave your hiking shoes behind for sandals instead.
  • We’ll kayak a short distance down to the site of the Tad Se Waterfall.  The area remains beautiful year-round, but the waterfall is flowing from about June to February.  Enjoy lunch with your guide and then you are free to go swimming in the waterfall or river, ride and bathe elephants, and/or brave the heights of about a kilometer of zip-lines strung through the canopy of trees above the waterfall.
  • A couple hours later we’ll hop back into the kayaks for an invigorating 2-3 hours of kayaking past villages, elephant camps, farmland, and rich overhanging jungle.  During the wet season there can be some moderate rapids for good fun.
  • Finish the tour by meeting our truck and returning to the city by about 4:30 p.m.

On all our tours we provide delicious vegetarian or non-vegetarian cuisine, fresh local fruit, unlimited water, safety gear, basic first-aid, and conscientious and well-mannered English-speaking local Lao guides. As a complimentary offer for joining our tours we provide a discount voucher on a meal at Luang Prabang’s riverside garden restaurant and bar - Utopia -

For overnight tours this includes breakfast on the morning of the tour, except on indicated tours. We offer free luggage storage and a safe for your valuables, clean sleeping bags, and mosquito nets when necessary for home-stays.

All times are approximate and tours may vary in specific details according to season, weather conditions, and/or for safety reasons as deemed necessary by White Elephant Adventures staff.

Tour price and availability inquiries are available using the Booking and Pricing page or by completing the form below. A White Elephant Adventures representative will respond within 48 hours.

Further details about services and care provided on all of our tours in Luang Prabang are available here.


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