Hmong New Year 2012

Hmong New Year tour

The 2012 Hmong New Year in Luang Prabang, Laos was spectacular as always with brilliant and beautiful traditional clothing, music, games, and food.

The Hmong New Year is celebrated in Luang Prabang city mid-December every year and throughout the villages of the city after each village’s rice harvest is completed.  The ball-tossing game that you can see in the pictures is called “pov pob” and is a courting game between adolescents and sometimes older couples.  There are playful consequences if you drop the ball including singing love songs to the other.  It is taboo to toss a ball between or date someone from your own clan.  The traditional clothing is beautiful, the music and games are fun, and the food and drinks are enjoyed by everyone.   At home, house spirits are honored and, if there is a shaman resident in the house, the healing spirit of She-Yee is set free for a time to wander the land.  If you didn’t make it this year, join us next year mid-December!

Joe and Sarah’s Blog of their tour November 2012

Joe and Sarah joined White Elephant Adventures for a 1 Day Trek and Kayak out to Tad Se waterfall.  Take a look at their blog about their time in Luang Prabang and their tour with our team.  In their words:  “For all of your sakes, we will not go into the pages’ worth of detail that we could when describing the secluded hill tribe village, trekking and kayaking through some of the most beautiful scenery we’ve ever witnessed, swimming in the aqua pools of the Tad-Se Waterfall, or best of all, riding elephants into a waterfall to bathe them. We’ll let our pictures talk for us. We will just say that this day was one of the most amazing of our lives.”  Take a look:  Joe and Sarah’s Adventures

White Elephant Adventures review Laos

Vera and Tom from Germany join a homestay tour with White Elephant Adventures

white elephant adventures german review laosTom and Vera write a blog (in German) about their experience on a trekking tour with White Elephant Adventures.  Find their blog HERE, click on the Laos tab and then expand more (mehr) to read about their recent experience on a home-stay in Luang Prabang.  They describe a fantastic and challenging journey during a warm and very green time of the year late in the rainy season in Laos.  They have a great series of pictures from their tour in the fotos section as well.

Baruch, Isaac, Kim & Alexandra’s Around the World Trek

Customer blog White Elephant Adventures ReviewBaruch took his family on one of our most remote three day trekking homestay tours to visit the families of Hmong and Khmu hill tribes.  This is his extensive and beautiful blog about his experience.  He witnessed a Shaman ceremony being performed to help a young sick girl (see the video on his blog), the village performed a Baci ceremony for his family, and they enjoyed beautiful scenery as they went trekking through three days of Laos jungle.

Take a look at their blog, a page for each day of trekking with video, text, and photos to go along:  Baruch, Isaac, Kim & Alexandra’s Around the World Trek

KidsGo! youth-oriented travel agency gives White Elephant Adventures the thumbs-up.

KidsGo! White Elephant Adventures family tour company review

 KidsGo! is a kids-oriented travel agency that visited White Elephant Adventures and now recommends our tours to families of all ages (see the bottom of their blog for their review).  Our tours are great adventures and memorable experiences for families.  We provide everything needed to make your experience comfortable for your family.  And the Hmong and Khmu kids in the villages have no problem connecting with your kids to make for an incredible and lasting experience for families.

Take a look at the following blog for an excellent view into a family who joined us for a three-day tour to some of our most remote Hmong and Khmu villages:  Baruch, Isaac, Kim & Alexandra’s Around the World Trek

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