3 Day Trek / Trek / Kayak to Tad Se Waterfall, optional Elephant bathing/riding and Zip-lines — Tour code: S8

khmu luang prabang laos tour

Two full days of jungle trekking with great views followed by one day of kayaking down the Nam Khan river with a stop at the refreshing Tad-Se waterfall where you can opt to ride and bathe elephants and even ride a kilometer of zip-lines through the canopy of trees over the waterfall. Tour description: On day 1 of this tour you will see three villages (two Khmu and one Hmong) as you trek through some of the most stunning jungle around Luang Prabang with expansive…

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3 Day Scenic Biking, Trekking, and Kayaking: Optional elephants, zip-lines; seasonal waterfall — Tour code: S14

Elephant Bathing at Tad Se Waterfall

Want to do it all?  Here’s your tour.  This adventure has mountain biking, scenic trekking, swimming and kayaking, optional elephant and zip-line riding, and the seasonal Tad Se waterfall. On day 1 we’ll mount our bikes right here in the city to start what will be a four to five hour ride coursing north paralleling the Mekong river through weaving and paper-making villages.  Turn east and we’ll start going through hills and mountains past numerous villages until our final destination of a beautiful Khmu village…

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2 Day Biking & Trekking Homestay, National Forest and Kuang Si Waterfall — Tour code: N9

Kuang Si Trek

Mountain bike and hike through the beautiful Tat Kuang Si National Forest with fantastic mountains, jungle, views, natural springs, a waterfall, and an unforgettable cultural immersion home-stay at a Khmu hill-tribe village. This tour is for the cycling and trekking enthusiast looking to pedal their way up mountains through beautiful and varied jungle and agricultural countryside, followed by a home-stay with a Khmu hill-tribe village, and then trekking through lush jungle to a crystal-clear natural spring and the Kuang Si waterfall.  On this tour you’ll…

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2 Day Trek and Khmu Hill-Tribe Homestay with Amazing Scenery overlooking Luang Prabang — Tour code: N10

Luang Prabang tours

This tour is very scenic with unusual villages to explore, dense jungle to disappear in, and varied farmland to traverse on this visually stunning tour. This is a great tour for nature and culture enthusiasts who love to take pictures. We’ve got a good distance to go on this tour but you’ll want to be stopping all the time to take pictures. We’ll start on the banks of the Nam Khan river crossing it by boat before setting off by foot into rice paddies and…

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3 Day Trekking Homestay to Remote Hmong and Khmu Villages in Luang Prabang — Tour code: S10

Khmu Baci ceremony in Laos

Trekking in Luang Prabang doesn’t get better than this.  Exceptionally remote villages, dense jungle trekking, river swimming, and high mountain trekking with fantastic views all in one tour. This is an extended version of the 2 day trek. Start Day 1 with a 2 hour drive to the Nam Xuang river. We’ll cross by small boat and begin our trekking 4-5 hours through beautiful dense jungle. There are both Hmong and Khmu villages to visit and where we can overnight as preferred by you or…

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3 Day Biking, Trekking, and Kayaking homestay — Tour code: S2


A day each of mountain biking, extensive trekking, and whitewater kayaking through stunning mountainous landscape along the Nam Xuang River. This tour is best for the serious adventurer with strong swimming and previous kayaking experience. On day 1 we’ll drive you an hour north to start mountain biking 35-40 kilometers past village after village as you wind your way along the Nam Xuang River. Stop any time for a break to browse the local villages, join the festivities of a local wedding, or to refuel…

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2 Day Trekking and Whitewater Kayaking Homestay with local Hmong and Khmu ethnic groups — Tour code: N4

Kayaking Nam Ou

Great trekking and home-stay experience with kayaking on the Nam Ou River, the river with year-round rapids for the best kayaking experience. A combination tour of trekking and kayaking on and around Nam Ou River, the largest tributary of the Mekong river in northern Laos. On day 1 we will trek 4-5 hours through jungle and farmland making our way between numerous villages of all of Laos’ major ethnic tribes: the Lao Loum, Hmong, and Khmu. We will overnight in the stilted houses of the…

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2 Day Biking and Kayaking Homestay on the Nam Xuang River — Tour code: N2

Kayak Nam Xuang

A tour for the traveler in need of some serious physical activity in the beautiful, rugged countryside of Laos. We begin this tour by driving you to the beautiful Nam Xuang river where we’ll begin mountain biking. Thirty-five plus kilometers will take you past countless villages. Stop at any village you like along the way and take in the mountainous scenery, toast a drink to the bride and groom at a local wedding you might come across, or just to take a break to fuel…

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2 Day High-Mountain Trekking Homestay with fantastic views — Tour code: N6

Hmong village Luang Prabang

A breath of fresh air for the serious hiker. On this tour you will overnight at a Hmong village high atop a mountain with a view of endless mountain tops and the glow of Luang Prabang city at night. *Due to the challenging nature of these trails, this tour can be booked only when the weather is dry. To start this tour we will enjoy a delicious breakfast as we cruise up the Mekong River by boat forty minutes to a Lao Loum village. This…

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2 Day Trek and Kayak Homestay to Tad Se Waterfall: Elephant Riding and Zip-lines optional — Tour code: N5

Trekking in Luang Prabang Laos

Trek beautiful jungle, kayak a scenic river rich with local activities, immerse yourself in a home-stay at a Khmu village, ride and bathe elephants, swim at the beautiful Tat Se waterfall (seasonal), and brave the heights along a kilometer of zip-lines all in one tour. Our first day we’ll drive you forty-five minutes to the banks of the Nam Khan river. Cross by boat and begin 5 hours of hiking through the beautiful countryside of Laos, visiting an ethnically diverse group of Hmong, Khmu, and…

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2 Day Trekking to Remote Hmong and Khmu Villages of Luang Prabang — Tour code: N13

Khmu village

One of the most genuine cultural immersion experiences we can give you. You’ll trek through incredible lush jungle and explore Khmu and Hmong villages least visited by other tourists in the surrounding areas of Luang Prabang. Enjoy this tour exclusive of other tour groups for the entirety of the trip. Begin this tour with a scenic 2 hour drive through rugged countryside past numerous villages along the Nam Xuang river. We’ll cross the Nam Xuang river by small boat and begin our trek from the…

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