3 Day Trek / Trek / Kayak to Tad Se Waterfall, optional Elephant bathing/riding and Zip-lines — Tour code: S8

khmu luang prabang laos tour

Two full days of jungle trekking with great views followed by one day of kayaking down the Nam Khan river with a stop at the refreshing Tad-Se waterfall where you can opt to ride and bathe elephants and even ride a kilometer of zip-lines through the canopy of trees over the waterfall. Tour description: On day 1 of this tour you will see three villages (two Khmu and one Hmong) as you trek through some of the most stunning jungle around Luang Prabang with expansive…

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3 Day Scenic Biking, Trekking, and Kayaking: Optional elephants, zip-lines; seasonal waterfall — Tour code: S14

Elephant Bathing at Tad Se Waterfall

Want to do it all?  Here’s your tour.  This adventure has mountain biking, scenic trekking, swimming and kayaking, optional elephant and zip-line riding, and the seasonal Tad Se waterfall. On day 1 we’ll mount our bikes right here in the city to start what will be a four to five hour ride coursing north paralleling the Mekong river through weaving and paper-making villages.  Turn east and we’ll start going through hills and mountains past numerous villages until our final destination of a beautiful Khmu village…

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1 Day Trek to Villages and Tad-Se Waterfall with optional Elephant Riding / Bathing and Zip-Lines — Tour code: P4

eco-tours in luang prabang

For the trekking purist:  A full day of hiking through jungle and rice-paddies to hill-tribe villages topped off with swimming at Tad Se waterfall with optional elephant riding/bathing and a kilometer of zip-lines through the jungle canopy above the falls. Trekking, walking, hiking Luang Prabang… call it what you want but put on those hiking shoes or Tevas because we’re going places.  This tour is set on the foothills of a mountain covered in jungle that serves as a backdrop to a full day of…

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1 Day Trek and Kayak to Tad-Se Waterfall with optional Elephant Riding and Zip-Lines — Tour code: P8

Luang Prabang elephant riding

The 1 day tour that does it all:  hiking, kayaking, village visits, waterfalls, and optional elephant riding/bathing and zip-lines at an elephant camp right at the Tad Se waterfall. See local Hmong, Khmu, and Lao-Loum village life and Lao’s beautiful countryside from land and water.  Trekking through jungle and farmland to visit local villages on the outskirts of Luang Prabang is followed by kayaking down the scenic Nam Khan river. In the middle is lunch at the Tad Se waterfall where you can feed, ride,…

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2 Day Trek and Kayak Homestay to Tad Se Waterfall: Elephant Riding and Zip-lines optional — Tour code: N5

Trekking in Luang Prabang Laos

Trek beautiful jungle, kayak a scenic river rich with local activities, immerse yourself in a home-stay at a Khmu village, ride and bathe elephants, swim at the beautiful Tat Se waterfall (seasonal), and brave the heights along a kilometer of zip-lines all in one tour. Our first day we’ll drive you forty-five minutes to the banks of the Nam Khan river. Cross by boat and begin 5 hours of hiking through the beautiful countryside of Laos, visiting an ethnically diverse group of Hmong, Khmu, and…

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1 Day Mountain Biking and Kayaking to Tad Se Waterfall optional Elephant Riding and Zip-Lines — Tour code: P12

Nam Khan kayaking

Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Villages, Temples, Swimming the Tad Se Waterfall, and optional Elephant Riding/Bathing and Zip-lines all in one tour. Depart from the city on mountain bike for two hours of cycling through scenic countryside as you wind your way to the Tat Se waterfall.  Along the way, we stop to visit the golden Wat Ponpau with it’s great views of Luang Prabang city and the Ban Panom village with it’s abundant collection of handicrafts. Climb into your kayak at the river and paddle to…

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1 Day Kayaking to Tad Se Waterfall optional Elephants & Zip-Lines — Tour code: P16


For those looking for a lot of kayaking, a village tour, a great swim at the Tad Se waterfall, optional elephant riding and bathing, and a chance to ride a kilometer of Zip-Lines through the trees. Best during the wet season when the Tat Se waterfall is flowing, this tour gives you a full day of kayaking with the opportunity to swim at Tat Se waterfall, feed and/or ride elephants, and even ride zip-lines through the trees. Lunch is enjoyed at the waterfall where you…

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1 Day Mountain Biking to Tad Se waterfall, Zip-lines and Elephant bathing & riding optional — Tour code: P7

mountain biking luang prabang

See the countryside of Luang Prabang by bike. Your guide will lead you to the beautiful golden Wat Ponpau with it’s great views of Luang Prabang city, to visit local weaving villages, and to ride through lush jungle and farmland as you pedal your way along the Nam Khan river to the village Ban En. Here you’ll stop to eat lunch and feed and/or take a ride on the elephants. During the wet season take a refreshing swim in the aqua blue waters of Tat…

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