2 Day Biking & Trekking Homestay, National Forest and Kuang Si Waterfall — Tour code: N9

Kuang Si TrekkingMountain bike and hike through the beautiful Tat Kuang Si National Forest with fantastic mountains, jungle, views, natural springs, a waterfall, and an unforgettable cultural immersion home-stay at a Khmu hill-tribe village.

This tour is for the cycling and trekking enthusiast looking to pedal their way up mountains through beautiful and varied jungle and agricultural countryside, followed by a home-stay with a Khmu hill-tribe village, and then trekking through lush jungle to a crystal-clear natural spring and the Kuang Si waterfall.  On this tour you’ll see some of the most beautifully kept Hmong and Khmu villages in the area.  Stop off and take a dip in a lake in a valley between two mountains, explore the local village life with your guides, and enjoy trekking through the rich and varied landscape of a Laos national forest.


  • 8:30 a.m. meeting, introduction to group and guides, deposit your luggage in our care while on the tour, and briefing on tour before departure by bike.
  • Bike about 15 minutes through the city before turning off on an unpaved road starting our journey past many villages nestled throughout jungle, mountains, and agricultural land on this tour.
  • The total distance biked on this tour is approximately 22 kilometers, but don’t mistake this for an easy tour.  You’ll get some good exercise as we climb up and race down hills as we trace the contours of mountainous countryside.  The biking is intermediate level, usually taking about 4 hours and we have ample opportunity to stop in numerous Hmong and Khmu villages along the way.  We’ll enjoy lunch in a village along the way and have time to make some new Lao friends.
  • We’ll arrive at our homestay mid- to late-afternoon giving you time to explore this Khmu village and other nearby Hmong villages.  You will feel unhurried as you settle in, enjoy a delicious dinner cooked by your guide, and meet and talk with the local Hmong and Khmu people.  Our guides will enrich your cultural immersion experience with stories and information about the Lao Leum, Hmong, and Khmu ethnic groups.  Don’t hesitate to ask any question you might have about these fascinating cultures, and feel free to ask your guide to help translate when you want to talk with the locals.  We’ll leave these villages with new friends, not just picture.
  • On the second day we’ll wake between 7 and 8 a.m. to a breakfast cooked fresh by your guide.  Say your farewells to your new friends and we’ll start our hike through the beautiful Tat Kuang Si National Forest.  The trekking is intermediate and takes about three hours to arrive first at a beautiful natural spring where we’ll have lunch and then onto the Kuang Si Waterfall itself.
  • Drop your day-bag in our awaiting truck, grab your swimsuit and camera, and we’ll go swimming in the turquoise colored and mineral-rich waters.  There are rope swings at some of the more popular pools and undisturbed swimming at others.  Take your choice as we spend several hours enjoying the refreshing cool waters surrounded by overhanging jungle.
  • When everyone is cooled and thoroughly refreshed, we’ll collect everyone and drive about one hour, returning to Luang Prabang at about 4:30 p.m. to conclude this unforgettable tour.

*Please note that breakfast is not included on this tour since we depart immediately on bike.  It is best and most comfortable to have your breakfast some time well before the tour rather than immediately before riding.  This is as opposed to most other overnight tours where we have time to enjoy breakfast on our truck as we drive to our tour starting point.

We provide delicious vegetarian or non-vegetarian cuisine, fresh fruit, and unlimited water.  For overnight tours this includes breakfast on the morning of the tour to get you going.  We offer free luggage storage and a safe for your valuables, clean sleeping bags, mosquito nets when necessary for home-stays, safety gear, basic first aid, and conscientious and well-mannered English-speaking local Lao guides on all tours.

All times are approximate and tours may vary in specific details according to season, weather conditions, and/or for safety reasons as deemed necessary by White Elephant Adventures staff.

Tour price and availability inquiries are available using the Booking and Pricing page or by completing the form below. A White Elephant Adventures representative will respond within 48 hrs.

Further details about services and care provided on all of our tours in Luang Prabang are available here.

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