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Based in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang, White Elephant Adventures has been leading ecotourism-based hiking, kayaking, elephant riding, zip-line, waterfall, and mountain biking tours through the countryside of Laos for nearly a decade.

Laos is home to a rich tapestry of more than 46 different ethnicities woven together through jungled mountains and mythical rivers.  Our aim is to take people off the tourist path on a professionally guided tour as deep into a cultural immersion as your time permits.  The singular most remarkable experience in Laos is to take a glimpse into the thoroughly different and rich lives of the hill tribes scattered over the mountainous landscape of Laos.

Luang Prabang is perfectly situated to give you the comforts and interests of an ex-French colonial city still surrounded by and within easy access of beautiful trekking, kayaking and biking to undeveloped Hmong, Khmu, and Lao Loum hill-tribes.  We organize day-excursions and, better yet, overnight home-stays for the most incredible experience we can give you.  These hill tribes are clearly undeveloped by western standards, but are no less modern than your own.  This is not a glimpse into an ancient way of living, but a journey into the lives of people living in a way largely unchanged over millennia. The languages you hear, the cultures you witness, the way of life of the people whose homes you will visit in Laos are every bit as alive and pulsing with the vigor of human vitality and imagination as humans do in all countries of the world.

While the “developed” countries around the world are reeling from the environmental and social consequences of their development, the people of Laos live a life where nearly everything they need is produced locally from the landscape, utilized as it is, and then returned back to the environment where it is readily absorbed by the natural landscape.

Let our team at White Elephant Adventures take you deep into the heart of Laos’ cultural and natural landscapes for an unforgettable experience.

You’ve come this far.  Take the next step and go so much farther.


Our team at White Elephant Adventures would like to thank the countless people from countries around the world who have joined and continue to join us in exploring this beautiful country of Laos.

White Elephant Adventures also thanks the local Laotians who welcome our visits with warm smiles, laughter, and enduring curiosity as we share in this remarkable cultural exchange.

We thank the many travelers who have generously granted us permission to use some of the photographs seen on this website.

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