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White Elephant Adventures was started nearly a decade ago by the Canadian-born explorer Derek Beattie.  Being one of the first tour companies in Luang Prabang, White Elephant Adventures has since sent thousands of intrepid travelers trekking, kayaking, and biking deep into the mountainous jungles of Laos to home-stay with and explore the amazing Hmong, Khmu, and Lao Loum hill-tribe communities around Luang Prabang.  Busy with ever new endeavors and his new garden restaurant, Utopia, Derek with prudent consideration has handed on White Elephant Adventures to new proprietorship.

Early 2010, U.S. born biologist, mountain biking enthusiast, and amateur anthropologist Brett Cowley made Luang Prabang his new home and White Elephant Adventures his new platform to turn his interests in cultures, nature, language, and adventure sports into daily work.   Since leaving the U.S., work has become play as he assists fellow travelers to truly engage and see Laos while they are here.  “In every country there are things that can be found in that country and nowhere else.  And in many cases it is not just getting there, but also how to look at things when you arrive.  I get to send people kayaking down tributaries of the Mekong river, trekking to incredible village home-stays with Hmong and Khmu people, and biking through rugged mountains of Lao jungle.  And it is my passion and pleasure at White Elephant Adventures to help fellow travelers experience Laos, it’s culture, and people from every perspective whether cooking up dinner with Hmong over wood fires in their bamboo houses.  You’ve come a long way to get here.  Let us help take you so much further.”–Brett

We are now an excellent team of local Laos guides, a party of great cooks, and a small fleet of drivers all with combined foreign and Lao management.  Thus merging the best of local knowledge, expertise, and experience along with foreign guidance striving always for high standards of service in this distant land of Laos.

Take a look at our present selection of tours to find a one- or multi-day excursion with the activities you want and the level of exertion that best suits you and those you travel with.  Then let our team at White Elephant Adventures turn that tour into an amazing experience you won’t forget.

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